The Society has biennial meetings as well as off-year workshops, and offers student travel support for both types of events.

Biennial Meetings

The biennial gathering of the ISHPSSB is its main raison d'être: The Society was founded with the aim of organising a conference bringing together current research on biology as a discipline. In the year before a general meeting, bids are sought for hosting the next edition, and the Site Selection Committee announces the winning bid during the General Assembly of the Meeting. Scroll down for the meetings archive as available.

ISHPSSB2017 Inst BiosciencesISHPSSB Meeting 2017: July 16-21 in São Paulo, Brazil

We are deeply involved with the development of the ISHPSSB 2017 website ( Now we have a functional site, to which we will progressively add all the relevant information. Please visit it and start checking what we are preparing for next year. We particularly recommend that you check the “General information” and “Plan your trip” sections. In the latter, you will find important information about the Visa requirements, in case you need it to visit Brazil.

Meanwhile, we have been working to seek partnerships with prestigious Brazilian scientific institutions to support the meeting, and we have already made agreements with the Butantan Institute and the Brazilian Society of Genetics (SBG).

Created in 1901, the Butantan Institute is the main Brazilian producer of immunobiological products for public health purposes and is responsible for the majority of vaccines and sera produced in the country through its Technological Development and Production Division. The Cultural Development Center of the Institute sustains the Special Laboratory for the History of Science (LEHC), giving continuing education courses on the history of sanitary practices and publishing the journal Cadernos de História da Ciência (Notebooks on History of Science), available only in Portuguese. Besides that, the Institute develops studies and basic research in 17 different fields of Biology and Biomedicine directly or indirectly related to public health.

The Butantan Institute is located within the
campus of the
University of São Paulo. Together with the
LEHC team, we are
planning cooperation and some activities for the ISHPSSB attendants, such as guided visits to the scientific zoological collections and to its four Museums—Biological, Historical, of Microbiology and the Emilio Ribas Public Health Museum. To learn more about the Butantan Institute, please visit its website (

The Brazilian Society of Genetics (SBG) was founded in 1 955 at Campinas, São Paulo, in a session chaired by the geneticist Frederico Gustavo Brieger. Besides its annual meetings, the society publishes the journal Genetics and Molecular Biology and Genética na Escola (Genetics in the School). The latter journal aims to disseminate educational experiences in the field of genetics, to provide reflections on genetic concepts, to discuss developments in technology related to the quality of life of the population, as well as to provide materials for classroom work, including the use of historical and philosophical approaches to the fields of Genetics, Molecular Biology and related areas.

SBG will support the ISHPSSB 2017 Meeting, assisting with advertising of the congress and promoting exchanges with its affiliates working with historical and/or philosophical references (as distinguished from theoretical or empirical genetic research itself). To learn more about SBG, please visit the website ( only in Portuguese).

The Local Organizing Committee is looking forward to see you all in São Paulo!

Maria Elice Prestes, Charbel El-Hani and Roberto de Andrade Martins

Chairs of Program and Local Arrangements Committees

ishpssb 2015 montreal 150x1502015 Meeting: Montréal

The 2015 meeting took place in Montréal, on the main campus of the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQàM). It was the largest meeting yet, with over 530 papers and 640 delegates from over 35 countries.

For programme details, practical info, and a post-Meeting report, please read the archival article of Montréal 2015

Minutes of the 2015 General Member Meeting, July 9, 2015

Off-Year Workshops

Given the two-year ISHPSSB cycle, in even-numbered years a small number of events may carry the ISHPSSB name. The general parameters of, and how to submit proposals for, such events are detailed in the article on the Off-year Workshop Committee. The deadline for such proposals falls before Christmas following each biennial Meeting.

The information for the two 2016 Off-Year Workshops can be found here.

Student Travel Support

ISHPSSB supports graduate student participation in our biennial meetings as well as off-year workshops. The Travel Support Committee administers ISHPSSB Travel Awards, which are currently funded by ISHPSSB and, for US citizens and students at US institutions, by the NSF via a grant to the 8 Societies. Any donations to the ISHPSSB travel fund are gratefully received by the next generation of scholars of biology!

The society has the financial means to support only a portion of students' travel costs. Travel costs include transportation expenses such as airfare, gas or mileage, but do not include other types of expenses such as conference registration, lodging and meals. Award amounts will depend on the total amount of funding available to ISHPSSB, the relative cost of travel between the students' locations and conference site, and the ability of applicants to access additional resources. For recent previous meetings, award amounts ranged from USD 50 to USD 1000, and averaged about USD 300. This represented one-half to two-thirds of travel costs that remained for students once their institutional funds had been applied.

Application forms for ISHPSSB 2017 Travel Awards are available here.

Past Meetings

Past Biennial Meetings

Below is all accessible data from past meetings. If you have (more detailed, preferably HTML) programmes not provided there, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Past Off-Year Workshops

We will soon provide here information on past off-year workshops.