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Web Resources

The single most comprehensive gathering of online resources for the history and philosophy of biology is Roberta Millstein's amazing site.

For teaching about recent biological and biomedical developments in a "Science and Society" spirit, the websites related to the Wellcome Trust, and particularly the Wellcome blog, can be useful.

For teaching about the philosophy of biology, the best resource is the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy — immensely useful for preparing lectures and building bibiliographies (and see Millstein's site above for a useful selection of its phil-bio articles).

Other sites of interest include:

Finally, note that Google searches on "syllabus in philosophy of biology" or "syllabus in history of biology" kick up a diversity of syllabi from which one can glean great material. It's not a "one-stop shopping" experience; but you can quickly compare and contrast different approaches.

General textbooks and anthologies in history, philosophy and social studies of biology

  • A Guinea Pig’s History of Biology, by Jim Endersby
  • A Companion to the Philosophy of Biology, by Sahotra Sarkar (editor) and Anya Plutynsky (editor)
  • Contemporary Debates in Philosophy of Biology, by Francisco J. Ayala (editor) and Robert Arp (editor)
  • Evolution: The History of and Idea, by Peter J. Bowler
  • Philosophie der Biologie — Eine Einführung, by Ulrich Krohs and Georg Toepfer
  • Philosophy of Biology, by Brian Garvey
  • Philosophy of Biology, by Peter Godfrey-Smith
  • Philosophy of Biology, by Mohan Matthen (editor) and Christopher Stephens (editor)
  • Philosophy of Biology (2nd Edition), by Michael Ruse
  • Philosophy of Biology: A Contemporary Introduction, by Alex Rosenberg and Daniel W. McShea
  • Philosophy of Biology: An Anthology, by Alex Rosenberg (editor) and Robert Arp (editor)
  • Philosophy of Evolutionary Biology, by Stefan Linquist (editor)
  • The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Darwin and Evolutionary Thought, by Michael Ruse (editor)
  • The Cambridge Companion to Darwin, 2nd edition, by M.J.S. Hodge (editor) and Gregory Radick (editor)
  • The Philosophy of Biology: An Episodic History, by Marjorie Grene and David Depew
  • The Philosophy of Biology: A Companion for Educators, by Kostas Kampourakis (editor)
  • The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Biology, by Michael Ruse (editor)
  • Understanding Evolution, by Kostas Kampourakis

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